Pre-Construction Services

Optimize your project’s scope, layout, design and budget with expert counsel from your building, architectural and engineering teams.

Our Preconstruction Process

During the preconstruction and design phases of a project, we work with the architects, engineers and other professionals as your advocate. We have developed strong relationships with these contractors throughout our many years in the industry, and utilize these relationships to help you determine project scope, timeline and budget.

1. Team Procurement

We will work through a strategic process of selecting and assembling a group of professionals, contractors and suppliers to work collaboratively on your project. This involves careful consideration of each team member’s expertise, experience and compatibility to ensure efficient project execution, cost control and timely delivery of the construction project. Effective team procurement is essential for achieving project success and a quality outcome.

2. Constructability Review & Site Evaluation

We can also tap into our real estate development experience with Geenen DeKock Properties to evaluate site layout, utilities and site improvement costs such as grading and parking.

3. Budgeting

Our in-house estimating team uses past project history and current market values to assemble your project budget. Project take-offs (the dimensions and measurements that we use to put together your plan) are completed using the On-Screen TakeOff software, allowing for quick and accurate budgeting numbers.

4. Value-Engineering

We provide recommendations where we review the design to ensure that you can stay on budget—all while utilizing the best and most cost-effective ways to build.

Featured Project

West Ottawa Public Schools

This design provides an intimate spectator experience, removes the track for closer viewing, and includes upgraded amenities. The versatile venue attracts the community and enhances athletic events for all West Ottawa sports.

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Meet Our Pre-Construction Team

Chad Geenen

Preconstruction Director

Erin Mills


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