Our History

Incorporated in 1982, GDK has a history of successful and highly skilled construction projects in West Michigan. At GDK, we bring each project the “owner’s eye.” As owners and managers of several of our own buildings, we understand that quality during the design and construction phases translates to quality throughout the life of a building. We see it as our responsibility to work closely with the owner and represent your interests in all aspects of
your project. This commitment is reflected in all phases of the work we do, from meetings with architects and trade contractors to project scheduling to completion turnover.

GDK continues to reinforce our distinguished history by providing exceptional service and excellence to our clients in the West Michigan area. We are committed to providing quality products and services and continually strive to build relationships with local suppliers and trade contractors. Our trade contractors know that we pay promptly, treat them fairly, and reward quality work. These relationships often result in lower pricing for our customers. We are committed to developing a teamwork environment in all aspects of construction that will result in a successful project delivered on time, on budget, and that has exceeded all quality expectations.

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Building Holland Up for 40 Years


The company began when Doug DeKock and Chuck Geenen teamed up with Chuck’s father, Ade, to form a commercial construction company. Through their partnership, GDK Construction and sister company, Geenen DeKock Properties, were formed.

Geenen DeKock Properties began developing shopping centers and other commercial property in West Michigan, with GDK Construction serving as construction manager and general contractor for these projects. GDK Construction then began expanding, taking on additional construction projects for a wide variety of commercial construction projects including churches, industrial and manufacturing facilities, schools, offices and retail stores. Holland was growing; new companies were coming to the area and established businesses were looking to update their facilities.

During this building and development boom, Geenen DeKock Properties and GDK Construction earned a solid reputation with top subcontractors in the area. We maintain these relationships today. Subcontractors know that we treat them fairly and pay them promptly—assuring that we construct and maintain top quality buildings.

Doug, Chuck and their quality team have a knack for looking towards the future—working and strategizing to plan and develop facilities to meet client needs. For several years, our team has fostered a vision of expanding Holland’s nationally recognized downtown further toward Lake Macatawa. Currently that vision is becoming a reality with our new mixed-use project at the end of 8th street near Boatworks. The project will expand downtown Holland’s main street and its offerings through a new public gathering place and hospitality offerings.



In 2021, GDK Construction initiated a comprehensive, long-term transition strategy aimed at facilitating the transfer of leadership to the next generation within the company. While Doug and Chuck maintain their involvement, they are empowering Chad and Greg to take on more prominent roles in company management and direction. Preserving the company’s culture and values is paramount, with the incoming management team fully committed to embracing the company’s core principles.

This transition plan is intricately aligned with the company’s enduring vision, emphasizing our ongoing commitment to serving our customers with authenticity and dedication.

Over the past four decades, we have helped many companies and organizations make their visions become reality. We look forward to continuing to do so for decades to come.

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