Neland Avenue CRC

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, on October 28, 1915, a group of 24 men from Sherman Street and Oakdale Park congregations met to discuss a new church. Facing facility constraints, Sherman Street, and Oakdale Park, desiring an English-language ministry, spurred the initiative.

Fast forward to January 14, 1916, when the congregation, fueled by enthusiasm, sanctioned the acquisition of three lots at the intersection of Neland and Watkins. Simultaneously, they adopted a new identity: Neland Ave Christian Reformed Church.

Today, Neland Ave CRC stands rooted in the same spot where it commenced in 1916. It remains committed to widening the tent door—a symbol of its dedication to being a church for all of God’s children. The mission persists: to minister to every one of God’s children and to be ministered to by the diverse tapestry of its congregation.

Client Market:Faith & Non-Profit
6,000 SF
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Completion: 2023
Project Design Partner: Elevate Studio, Photos by Jeff Tippett

Client Needs

Over the years, the congregation’s presence and community outreach initiatives have flourished, creating a growing demand for additional space. As the church’s engagement with the community expanded, it became increasingly evident that the existing facilities were insufficient to accommodate the burgeoning activities and programs aimed at serving and connecting with a broader audience.

Project Solution

In response to the escalating requirements of the church community, Neland Ave Christian Reformed Church forged a strategic partnership with Elevate Studio and GDK Construction. This collaborative effort was driven by the shared vision of enhancing the church’s infrastructure to better cater to its expanding needs. The new narthex, serving as an entryway and gathering space, is conceived with the aim of fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Simultaneously, the expanded kitchen facilities respond to the communal nature of the church, providing a hub for fellowship and shared meals. The addition of classrooms underscores a commitment to educational and spiritual growth, accommodating various age groups and programs within the congregation. Additionally, the provision of enhanced office space acknowledges the administrative and organizational demands essential for the efficient functioning of the church. This collaborative initiative showcases Neland Ave CRC’s dedication to adaptability and foresight in meeting the evolving needs of its community.

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