Central Wesleyan Church

Central Wesleyan Church, established in 1979 in Holland, underwent a significant transformation in 2001, responding to the burgeoning demand by adding a new sanctuary. This expansion marked the beginning of a series of additions and renovation projects carried out since then, in an ongoing effort to cater to their expanding congregation and evolving ministry requirements. The enduring partnership between GDK and the Central team has allowed them to collaboratively contribute to several of these vital initiatives, fostering the growth and development of the church’s facilities.

21,667 SF
Location: Holland, MI
Completion: 2023
Project Design Partner: Progressive AE

Client Needs

For an extended period, the original Chapel space remained underutilized, primarily due to its challenging sloped floors, which limited its versatility for various functions that required seating arrangements other than traditional rows facing the stage. Moreover, both the Chapel and its adjacent, previously unused classrooms suffered from outdated finishes, rendering them unattractive and uninviting spaces.

“Working with GDK and their team is always an awesome experience, when working with them as a partner on our projects. They are always willing to jump in and help with doing anything, immediately. They are great with managing construction budgets and helping us make decisions during construction in the most efficient way. Consistently working with sub-contractors to make sure our projects are completed successfully."
Dwayne Dreyer

Project Solution

Driven by the vision of creating a versatile, multi-purpose space, the renovation project commenced with the filling in of the sloped floor. Subsequent enhancements included a creative arrangement of floating acoustical panels on the ceiling, the integration of a state-of-the-art video screen and sound system, and the installation of a glass storefront system. These upgrades breathed new life into the Chapel, transforming it into a dynamic and welcoming area that could accommodate a wide range of activities and events

  • 556 yards of concrete to infill of sloped floor to create a flat floor
  • 420 square feet of LED Screen
  • 3,000 man hours to install the ceiling clouds
  • 300% better utilization of the space by the church
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

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