City of Holland – Waverly Fire Station

The City of Holland streamlined their approach by consolidating the Waverly Fire Station and Kollen Park Fire Station into a single Request for Proposal (RFP), which was then distributed to Construction Managers. GDK emerged as the chosen firm due to competitive fees, their extensive background in similar projects, and the positive prior experiences the City of Holland had when collaborating with the GDK team.

25,600 SF
Location: Holland, MI
Completion Date: In Progress
Project Design Partner: Integrated Architecture & BRW Architects

Client Needs

The current fire station falls short in terms of size and functionality, proving insufficient for the growing demands of the Holland Community. However, the forthcoming station promises a substantial transformation, offering an impressive five spacious truck bays—a notable improvement over the existing two bays. This upgrade is poised to enhance the community’s emergency response capabilities significantly.

Project Solution

Collaborating closely with the design team and the very firefighters who would utilize the building, GDK embarked on a thorough review of all aspects, encompassing functionality and costs. This rigorous process culminated in the creation of a cutting-edge facility that seamlessly blended aesthetics and functionality while staying comfortably within the predetermined budget. The outcome stands as a testament to the success of this diligent partnership.

  • State-of-the-art Fire Station that includes high speed OH doors for quick response times
  • First class emergency response and station alerting system.
  • Multiple training areas built into the building to reflect real life situations.
  • High end finishes to create that “at home feeling” for those stationed at the facility

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