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GDK Construction’s mission is to foster relationships, exceed expectations, and positively impact clients and the community through collaboration, integrity, excellence, safety, communication, and generosity.

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1. Master Planning

Leverage our team’s experience to select the perfect experts for your project, we’ll also collaborate closely with the owner and design team to gain valuable insights into the project requirements. Our knowledge and experience empowers us to tackle challenges confidently, all while staying mindful of your budget, timeline and construction schedule.

2. Project Analysis

Empower strategic decision-making and cost savings through careful analysis of project elements. This process involves comprehensive research, data gathering and evaluation to pinpoint potential hurdles, favorable conditions and uncertainties, to ultimately secure the success of the project amid the complexities of the construction landscape.

3. Design

Collaborate with our experts and the project architect to align design and budget with your vision. Our team reviews all design documents, aiming for completeness, accuracy and adherence to standards, while carefully assessing aspects for budget refinement. Following thorough review and approval, GDK provides an updated project budget to assure alignment with your specific needs.

4. Permitting & Master Schedule

Navigate regulations with our experienced team, while strategic scheduling keeps things on track. We handle all aspects of the permitting process to ensure compliance and smooth progression for your project. In this stage, we also devise a master schedule to serve as the project’s strategic roadmap to ensure we meet project milestones and budgets.

5. Resource Procurement

Rely on our skilled team for meticulous bidding and contractor selection that provides detailed scopes of work for trade contractors and aligns with the construction documentation from the design team. Through a competitive bidding process, we ensure that we secure the most qualified trade contractors for the project, in close collaboration with the owner.

6. Construction

Trust our experienced team to deliver quality, adhering to design and nurturing strong client relationships. GDK is dedicated to delivering outstanding results while maintaining the highest standards of quality. With our attentive site supervision, efficient office team and unwavering commitment to safety, we strive to exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life.

Our Process

Before the first shovel hits the dirt, we build a solid foundation of understanding, respect and trust with our clients and their team, the architects and engineers, and the trade contractors. This foundation is the key to producing a finished project that we can all be proud of.


“Working with GDK Construction on a recent building expansion project in Zeeland was an absolute pleasure! We’ve been partnering with GDK for several years on small renovation projects as well as large multi-level building renovation projects. We value the relationships we have built with their team and fully trust the result of each project will exceed our expectations!”

Dan Seaborn
Winning At Home, Inc.

"On every project, large or small, routine or more sophisticated, GDK far exceeded my expectations."

Dr. James E. Bultman
Hope College (Retired)

"GDK's detailed project management from beginning to end, mindful stewardship of funds, and impressive results have established a relationship built on trust, respect and dedication. From HC’s academic buildings to athletic venues, GDK’s fingerprints are on most every new build or major remodel on our beautiful campus."

Leanne Halma
Holland Christian Schools

"It was enjoyable not only working with a team that shared our vision and values but also understood our concern with staying within a tight budget. Working with GDK Construction exceeded our expectations of how a project should be run."

Dwayne Dreyer
Central Wesleyan Church

"GDK has capably done extensive projects for us including large buildings, complete school remodels and various indoor and outdoor master plan initiatives. Our trust level for GDK is high because of their ability to deliver on time, within budget, and with high quality."

Dr. Eric Forseth
Holland Christian Schools

“It is clear to me that GDK is well respected in the industry allowing them to attract quality subcontractors to our project. Their high expectations and quality relationships with each subcontractor has improved the workmanship and overall quality of our project.”

Timothy J. Travis, Ph.D.
Saugatuck Public Schools

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