Haven Townhomes

For over three decades, Lakeshore Habitat has been a steadfast beacon of hope, nurturing strength, stability, and self-sufficiency through accessible housing. As the demand for affordable homes continues to soar, Lakeshore Habitat tirelessly expands its capacity to construct and refurbish homes, partnering with local families and individuals who are on a quest to realize their dreams of affordable homeownership. To date, their unwavering dedication has resulted in the construction of 158 homes across Ottawa and Allegan counties, positively impacting the lives of 668 individuals, including 436 children, through the transformative gift of homeownership. Impressively, their cadre of devoted volunteers has collectively contributed an astounding 8,805 hours in just one year, underscoring the power of community spirit.

Client Market:Mixed-Use
3,800 SF
Location: Holland, MI
Completion: 2023
Project Design Partner: Corri Sandwick Architecture

Client Needs

In Ottawa County, there exists a significant demand for housing tailored to individuals with disabilities, a group often marginalized and unfairly stigmatized. Lakeshore Habitat, aware of this pressing need, is taking proactive steps to address this issue. Executive Director Don Wilkinson highlights the stark reality, sharing that in the past year, Ottawa County witnessed a troubling statistic: out of 225 housing discrimination allegations, a staggering 119 were related to disability. This underscores the imperative for change and reinforces Lakeshore Habitat’s commitment to providing inclusive housing solutions.

Project Solution

Haven Christian Reformed Church in Zeeland took a significant step by selling the property at the intersection of Felch and Beeline to Lakeshore Habitat. This transaction paved the way for the construction of a specialized 5-unit townhome complex designed exclusively for adults with disabilities. Notably, volunteers from the church played an essential role in the project, contributing their efforts to build the charming gazebo and storage shed on the property. Additionally, the GDK team generously dedicated a day to enhance the landscape, collectively showing the power of community collaboration.


  • 5 one-story, 750 sq ft townhomes
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
  • Energy efficient design
  • Sitework included a Gazebo, storage units and a nice parking lot

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