Zeeland Public Schools – Woodbridge Elementary

The Zeeland Public School district, spanning 94 square miles of vibrant West Michigan, includes the city of Zeeland, part of Holland, and eight rural townships across Ottawa and Allegan counties. Notably, in May 2021, the district successfully passed a $75 million bond measure to address the evolving needs of its expanding community.


Client Market:Education
Sitework Package
Location: Zeeland, MI
Completion: 2023
Project Design Partner: TowerPinkster

Client Needs

Throughout the district, many schools, particularly the elementary ones, were initially constructed without accounting for the significant volume of daily traffic, including cars and buses. This lack of foresight has led to various challenges. For instance, at Woodbridge School, the bus and parent drop-off area proved to be inadequately sized and poorly laid out, resulting in inefficiency and safety concerns. Addressing these issues has become a top priority for our community.

Project Solution

In an effort to alleviate the congested and at times chaotic drop-off and pick-up procedures, extensive improvements were made to the bus and parent loop at the school. Furthermore, the parking facilities were significantly expanded to cater to the ongoing growth of both students and faculty. These enhancements have brought greater efficiency and safety to the school’s daily operations.

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